[Burghound Symposium] Allen Meadows Gala Dinner

Date: 18th April 2015
Time: 18:30
Venue: Atrium Room, 39/F Island Shangri-La Hotel, Pacific Place, Supreme Court Road
Price: HKD 2,880 (LIMITED to 100 seats- many already sold)

We are delighted to invite you and your friends to join us for a very fun and special Burgundy-filled (-fueled?) evening, with guest of honour the “Burghound” Allen Meadows.


In the Spirit of La Paulée de Meursault
This event takes its inspiration from Burgundy’s post-harvest weekend of celebration, called “Les Trois Glorieuses”. Each November there are three special events – dinner in the Chateau de Clos Vougeot on Saturday night, the sale of the new vintage wines by barrel by the Hospices de Beaune on Sunday, and very long Burgundy lunch at the Chateau de Meursault on the Monday. That lunch is called La Paulée de Meursault (or simply "La Paulée”). A meal is served and Meursault vignerons and their guests (several hundred people) all open and share fine bottles of Burgundy. The mood is always very festive and generous, with hosts and guests alike sharing bottles with friends, and people they have never met before, all in a common spirit – celebrating Burgundy.



How does this dinner work?
The price of entry? It is HK$2880 per seat. You may come in a group of any size, or on your own. If you have 8-10 people then we can talk about you having your own table, which is a very nice way of doing this – it becomes your wine party within a wine party.


The HK$2880 pays for entry, the dinner, and a pair of handblown Zalto wine glasses for you to use for the night (and take home to keep), valued at HK$1050. All profits for this event go to charity… more on that in a moment.


You bring the wine. We encourage Burgundy wines, but we are not enforcing any ‘policy’ here. Bring what you like. Many people bring older bottles of special wines, or larger formats (magnums, jeroboams, methuselahs) that can go around a lot of people. You open and serve your wine. This is a key part of the festive atmosphere. Everyone is pouring wine, and everyone is getting wine poured for them by others. You can decide to pour just for your friends, but in the spirit of the event, those familiar with "La Paulée” events generally get up and offer some wine to people at other tables, including brand new friends! It’s a lot of fun and a great atmosphere.


The Charity Dimension – Auction!
We decided that in the spirit of "La Paulée” festiveness and generosity, that all profits from this event will go to charity. There will be a short live auction during the event, of some very special, rare wines donated to the event. 100% of the proceeds from that auction will also go to charity. (If you are interested in donating rare wines for this auction, please let us know).


Supporting the Foodlink Foundation 膳心連基金


We are delighted to be supporting the great work of the people at Foodlink. Since 2001 Foodlink has been dedicated to fighting hunger, building self-sufficiency, and fostering nutritional wellness among those in need, while simultaneously reducing food wastage in hotels and F&B outlets in Hong Kong. Today Foodlink collects fresh food from 80 donor organisations in Hong Kong, in order to serve 2,600kg of hot food and 15,000 pieces of bread every week, through 83 beneficiary organisations. It is extraordinary work that helps Hong Kong’s needy, while reducing waste. We think that is very smart, which is why we are inviting you to join us in supporting them.


Allen Meadows
A guest of honour is Allen Meadows, the world’s leading authority on Burgundy wines, and publisher of “Burghound”. This dinner is part of a three-day series of events focused on Burgundy wines.
Allen will be on hand to chat throughout the evening.

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