LMAO sampling amazing Ch Beychevelle vintages back to 1928!

Date: 13th October 2015
Time: 6:30PM to 8:00PM
Venue: Our shop, 85 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan
Price: HKD 2000/ person

Beychevelle = Baisse-Voile, or ‘lower the sail’, a salute to the Duc d’Epernon, who was Admiral of the French navy. The chateau overlooked the Gironde – the river highway between Bordeaux city, the Atlantic and the world beyond.


Beychevelle = Dragon Boat wine. (Talk about accidental marketing coups!)


Beychevelle = solidly fine, classic stuff, full yet elegant St-.-Julien, sophisticated, age-worthy yet accessible claret.


Beychevelle = you joining us for a truly crazy line up of great mature vintages back to 1928 for just HK$2000!


1928 Beychevelle

1945 Beychevelle

1953 Beychevelle

1975 Beychevelle

1982 Beychevelle

1989 Beychevelle

1996 Beychevelle

2000 Beychevelle

2001 Beychevelle

2003 Beychevelle

2004 Beychevelle

2005 Beychevelle