TFWE in Shanghai: Four Decades of Château Lafleur Dinner

Date: 18th August 2017
Time: 7 PM
Venue: Chinese Restaurant Si Ji Xuan (山茶厅) in Four Seasons Shanghai
Price: HKD 10,800 / RMB 9,500 per seat

Join us for a very special kind of a fine wine experience ­ the chance to taste through four decades of Chateau Lafleur.


Sitting alongside (geographically and in quality) Chateau Petrus as the greatest of Pomerol estates, its character sits somewhere between the refined power of Petrus, and the elegance and fragrance of Cheval Blanc (also a near neighbour).


Once it begins to mature its fragrance ­ like Cheval, coming from 50% Cabernet Franc and 50% Merlot ­ is dazzling, alluring, enthralling (!), and on the palate there is both a sumptuous opulence of fruit, and a high tensile character in the tannins and overall mouthfeel. Lafleur is never an easy sort of wine. When drinking it I am often left just sitting there processing its sheer complexity and length of flavour.


It is an absolute favourite. But it is also super rare.


My review of a recent Hong Kong vertical we hosted can be found here 


Wines will be served:

1975 Chateau Lafleur
1976 Chateau Lafleur
1985 Chateau Lafleur 
1989 Chateau Lafleur
1990 Chateau Lafleur
1995 Chateau Lafleur
1998 Chateau Lafleur
1999 Chateau Lafleur
2000 Chateau Lafleur
2003 Chateau Lafleur
2004 Chateau Lafleur 
2005 Chateau Lafleur