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Vintage Pairs Round 14

The idea is simple – I put together a tasting of 10 wines, and serve them blind. We guess where the wine is from and what it might be, reveal it, enjoy it, and talk about it. The twist is that the wines are served in pairs of the same wine. The only difference between the wine in your left glass and the wine in your right glass is the vintage. Does your guess work for both?


Check the wines we served at the past Vinatge Pairs Blind Tasting below

Of course, the wine selection for Tuesday 6th September will be completely different. But I assure you it will be interesting – we won’t reveal in advance what we will be tasting as that spoils part of the fun. 

The event is a tasting – not a dinner – and so we start at 6.45pm prompt, and are finished by 8pm, so you can get to your dinner afterwards. Think of this as the most fun ‘cocktail hour’ of the month!

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View our past Vintage Pairs wine selection

Vintage Wine Bottle size Score
2014 Orto di Venezia 750 --
2013 Orto di Venezia (Magnum) 1500 --
1986 Mount Eden - Chardonnay 750 --
1982 Mount Eden - Chardonnay 750 --
1999 Domaine A Pinot Noir 750 --
1998 Domaine A Pinot Noir 750 --
1990 Domaine de Trevallon 750 WA 94
1989 Domaine de Trevallon 750 --
1995 Château Cheval Blanc  750 WA 92
1978 Château Cheval Blanc  750 WA 89

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