Alexandria Cubbage

(Senior Wine Specialist and Business Development Manager)

Alex entered the wine industry in the fall of 2006. She began her professional career as a public defender in Brooklyn, New York representing poor people accused of crimes. After six years of practicing and handling all levels of criminal cases, she felt herself burning out and took a six month leave of absence. During that time, she reflected on her other passion - cooking - and took some basic cooking classes along with an introductory wine course. She enjoyed the wine course and decided to get a job in the field of wine as a temporary holiday salesperson at the wine shop, Sherry-Lehmann. She started tasting, reading and studying all she could about wine and a month before she was to return to her public defender role, she decided to make a complete career move and to start over in the field of wine. Sherry-Lehmann offered her a full-time retail sales position, and she spent a year with them. While working at the wine shop, she also worked nights at a friend’s wine bar, waited tables part-time at a small French bistro on the Lower East Side and took on more intensive wine studies.

She moved on from retail sales to working in restaurants. First, as a cellar steward for the ’21 Club, one of New York City’s most historical wine cellars. Finally, Gordon Ramsay at the London Hotel in NYC offered Alex the opportunity to work as an entry level sommelier, and she spent a little over two years with them working her way up. Alex’s favourite moments at Gordon Ramsay were taking care of guests at the Chef’s table where she would work with guests on selecting wines for dinner and then work with the Chef on planning a menu to match.

From there she went onto Veritas restaurant where she worked with collections from some of the top wine collectors in the world, and that’s where she would make the friends that would eventually lead her to make a proposal to work in Hong Kong. But, the next move would be to work for an auction house based in New York with an office in Hong Kong. After nearly four years at Veritas, Alex decided she wanted to continue to work with the best wines in the world but needed a break from the restaurant hours. While she started with the auction house in New York in October of 2013, by 2015 she made a proposal to join their office in Hong Kong.

Her former guest from Veritas and good friend introduced her to Mike at La Paulée in NYC in 2015, and she kept in touch with him. Then, a month after she arrived in Hong Kong, she was invited to a Riesling lunch that her good friend, Mike and Linden were attending. She was immediately impressed with Linden’s wealth of knowledge about Riesling and approached him after the lunch to meet him. The conversation turned into a discussion about Sherry, and Linden invited her to come drink Sherry some time at the shop. Alex couldn’t figure out where to buy Sherry in Hong Kong, so she baked her grandmother’s jelly cookies instead and showed up at her tasting with Linden, with a bottle of 2006 Philippe Bornard Savagnin Côtes du Jura Les Marnes, the cookies, Manchego and olives. The tasting began with just Linden and Alex and Sherry Linden had picked up at auction, but soon the whole team joined. Sora introduced her to her first bites of Char Siu and Siu Yuk. Alex knew from that moment she had found her tribe in Hong Kong. A little less than a year later, she started working with the Fine Wine Experience in October of 2017.

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