Tina Xie

(Fine Wine Specialist)

‘Live my life to the fullest’ – Tina is always curious about new things in life and keen to explore around. Growing up in London and studying in University of Oxford offered her great opportunities of wine tasting and gourmet food appreciation.

She became passionate about wines as there was this one bottle of Burgundy that she opened with her coursemates at 2am in the lab when they were all stressed about the coursework. This magic bottle immediately filled up the lab with its beautiful perfume bouquet. One sip, its lively acidity together with those sweet ripe strawberries aromas and sage-like spices, gave everyone a great lift – the best drink at 2am in the lab for sure! Upon her graduation, Tina joined investment banking in Hong Kong and a glass of good Burgundy was also her best companion at 2am when she was pushing for pitchbooks and memorandums.   


After a vineyard visit with Gerard Basset (OBE, MW, MS) in Burgundy, Tina totally fell in love with the region’s beautiful landscape and, of course, its lovely wines. Tina is amazed by how many stories one glass of wine conveys – its origin, history, geography, topography, grape variety (ies), viticulture, vinification, use of oak, yeast strain, maturation, chemical reactions, business and legal aspects and many more. She couldn’t be more eager to take on further wine study and French classes so that she could communicate more directly and effectively with the winemakers. Thankfully her study in WSET Diploma and her extensive reading on the subject help build a sound academic and technical foundation. Most importantly, Gerard has been such a great mentor that she could never thank enough for his generous knowledge sharing and kind introduction for her network in wine trade in both London and Hong Kong. Her passion for wines and Champagne was also well recognised despite her short career in trade – she was honourably inducted as a Chevalier de Champagne de l’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne.

Wine has taken her to travel extensively around and into Europe (and of course gradually to the New World too) where she has met so many people with exciting stories that all help her become an independent and interesting individual with kindness and honesty.

Tina joined The Fine Wine Experience in March 2017, officially starting her career in wine trade. She could not be happier to come to work every morning, with a group of enthusiasts sharing the same passion and goal. Since she joined, it has been an experience of fine wines every day.

There are many ways to live a life and Tina chose to live hers to the fullest with wines taking the lead"

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