We’re thrilled by the strong outpouring of support for our jazz nights, so we are making it happen every Tuesday moving forward. Whether you are a music fan, wine fan and/ or whisky fan, we look forward to welcoming you to our lounge and sharing fine wine and whisky with you every Tuesday!  The entry ticket is HKD 200 each with only limited seats available for each session, so grab your tickets now.

About the band: 

Joyce Cheung is a jazz pianist, composer and arranger from Hong Kong. She graduated  from Berklee College of Music with a double degree in Film Scoring and Contemporary  Writing and Production as well as a master’s degree in Contemporary Performance.

She has since been active in the local music scene, collaborating with Hong Kong artists  such as Joey Yung, Alfred Hui, Grasshoppers, Chan Fai Young, and CY Leo. She has also  performed at other big stages such as Free Space Jazz Festival, Harmonica Festival in  Seoul, and the Chengdu Music Festival.

Set Loose

In ​Set  Loose​ , her debut album, jazz pianist Joyce Cheung searches for her own identity  through  the  process  of  creating  music.  Setting  loose  means  letting  go  of  society’s expectations and the culture of constant competition, as well as defying the rules we set for ourselves. Liberated from these confines, Joyce freely explores and finds her place in the world of jazz and classical music. The  album’s  eight  tracks,  consisting  of  both  arrangements  and  compositions,  were  written in the tumultuous year of 2019. In this trying time, Joyce channels her complex emotions into notes and rhythms that offer the audience a glimpse of her soul.

'Set Loose' with Joyce Cheung Trio
Date Tuesday 20 October 2020 - Tuesday 20 October 2020
Time 22:30 - 23:59
Venue The Fine Wine Experience Lounge (Shop A, 165-166 Connaught Road West, Hong Kong)
Ticket Entry Ticket at HKD 200 per seat
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