A friend is coming over to your apartment on Saturday at 4pm to discuss the upcoming camp your kids – who both attend the same school – are about to go on. You might offer some snacks, but its the wrong time of day for a meal. You want something nice and refreshing, but not something that will leave you half sloshed prior to dinner. Hmmmm… what will fit that brief?

2007 Joh. Jos. Prum Graacher Himmelreich Kabinett (WA90+/100; match to above purpose LW98/100)

HK$245 per bottle – 272 bottles available


You particularly love the way Burgundy ages – the way the savouriness increases, the way the structure becomes more gentle as the tannins dissipate, and that earthy ‘sous bois’ complexity only long cellaring can deliver. But lately you have been thinking about the seduction Burgundy can offer in its youth – florals, fresh fruit scents, and vibrancy alongside precision. Some of that is lost with age. On the other hand, if the wine is too young it might be closed – impenetrable, and therefore a waste. You need a wine with softer tannin, something that is scented and yielding. Hmmmm… what will fit that brief?

2011 Domaine Lignier-Michelot Morey St Denis 1er Cru ‘Faconnieres’ (BH90/100; match to above purpose LW95/100)

HK$520 per bottle – 76 bottles available


You have a slight pinched nerve in your neck and you want to relax, but don’t want a pain killer. You thought about lighting up a Montecristo No.3, but remembered you gave up smoking, or at least want to do so less, so you want something that reminds you of the complexity of a great cigar. It’s hot, so you don’t want a ‘big’ red – indeed, one that you can chill the ambient edge off – say  to  17-18 degrees  C  —  would be ideal. Hmmmm… what will fit that brief?

1978 Chateau Cheval Blanc (WA89/100; match to above purpose LW96/100)


HK$3,200 per bottle – 2 bottles available

After the news of the 2015 “Winemakers’ Award announced by the Institute of Masters of Wine, Egon Muller became the first German winemaker to be honoured with this prize. Egon Muller is the 6th generations of his family to make wines in Scharzhof estate since 1797. The Muller wines are never too fat. Scharzhofberg is one of Germany’s most prized vineyard and it is situated in a cool zone with wind blowing through the side-valleys. Even the parcels at the foot of the vineyard lie a good 50 meters higher than similar parcels in the Saar. Thus the grapes benefit from a longer hang-time with ideal south-southeast exposure. 


Old vines (many still on their original 19th century rootstocks), meticulous harvest, strict grapes selection, low yield, natural fermentation in old barrels -- all these factors contribute to its highest quality and makes it one of the most sought-after wines in the world.



We are delighted to offer you a range of his Riesling from Kabinett to Trockenbeerenauslese, half bottles to rare magnums, all ready for immediate delivery. Please kindly let me know if any appeals to you.

We are delighted to offer for sale this superb private cellar. This collection has been carefully put together by a meticulous collector and connoisseur, with utmost care for condition and provenance. There are plenty of blue chip selections including hard to find wines, and rare formats. All priced to sell.


Included too are some old vintages from superb sources. Take note of - 


1955 Chateau Montrose – a Mahler-Besse provenance bottle, and a lovely vintage for Montrose.

2005 Faiveley Musigny – ultra rare, less than 200 bottles produced.

Liger-Belair and Bouchard La Romanee in pristine Original Wooden Cases

1949 Joh. Jos. Prum Wehlener Sonnenuhr Auslese – one of their finest vintages and from an impeccable source.

1855 Taylor Vintage Port ‘Scion’ - a recent release from them.


Note too a distinct taste for the finest Champagne, with Krug d’Ambonnay and Collection, Salon, Dom Perignon Reserve de L’Abbaye, and others.


This is a real connoisseur’s collection and well worth looking through very carefully.

We’ve just acquired a very nice parcel of top Burgundy wines from a private collector, who purchased all of these wines on release, some directly from the producer, and kept them in Beaune professional storage ever since. Top provenance, top condition.

Highlights include 2005 Clos des Lambrays (9 cases!), 1962 Leroy La Romanee (3 OWC from 2012 release) and 2001 Vogue Musigny (8 cases).


All wines available in HK for immediate delivery. Happy shopping!

This is a vintage to pay attention to at the most fastidious addresses, and particularly in the northern Medoc, which is the focus of our offer. The key positive here is that phenolic ripeness was achieved, but over a long season with no “big summer” boost, so there is real complexity and elegance, along with freshness and detail. It is a connoisseur’s vintage. By and large, pricing seems fair – not bargain pricing like we saw when the 2008s were released, but not silly prices like we have been seeing more recently, thank goodness.


Note – we tasted the wines, and received a lot of offers. This is our selection. We chose wines that meet one of two criteria – either they are simply the very best of 2014 (like Lafite), or they are near the top in quality and offer great value for money for the quality (like Grand Puy Lacoste). In other words, we stand behind this selection, and have turned down a lot of other wines we don’t think make sense for 2014 en primeur.

Small offer of one of our favourite wines – Rioja 

& Linden's report on a recent tasting of CVNE Rioja back to 1928


I’ve been lucky to try a lot of old Rioja, but that impression always seems to surprise. My entirely unscientific working theory is that it’s a by-product of old school viticulture and winemaking – particularly the latter. The fresh wine going into neutral casks is robust to begin with. Small aromatic and fruit details are traded away by long ageing, and what is gained is grand Rioja’s slightly vanillin old wood aromas and flavours, notes of honey and smoke, and a slightly oxidative tone. I have wondered whether all those years in wood trade away something at the start of the wine’s life, but somehow ‘inoculate’ the wine against the vagaries of long cellaring – in other words, they reach their peak sooner, but stay on a plateau seemingly forever, only to decline very, very slowly after several decades.

New Blind Wine Tasting Series, In Store -- "Vintage Pairs"

12th August 2015


Venue:Our shop, 85 Queen’s Road West, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
Time: 6:30PM - 8:00PM
Dates: Aug-12
Tickets: HK$1200 per seat, offered first-come, first-served, available now.