Mature Leroy offer


Today we offer you a superb selection of mature wines from ‘Leroy’. We often use this illustrious name when describing wines that really come from two different sources. Maison Leroy is perhaps the greatest négocient in Burgundy in terms of the extraordinary quality of its sourcing over the decades. Wines are often released on their anniversary – 30, 40, 50 years after vintage. In many cases they have been the source of some of the very best mature Burgundies I have tasted.

Domaine Leroy debuted with the 1988 vintage, Lalou-Bize Leroy’s eponymous biodynamic estate. The style here is pure with low-yield intensity, with a luxurious texture derived from her meticulous approach.

Labels personalised for YOU - fine grand cru Burgundy from 2015 Charles van Canneyt


Charles van Canneyt is a rising star in Burgundy. Though only 27 years old, for some time now he has been making waves and garnering high scores for his wines at Domaine Hudelot-Noellat. Since 2012 he has been making small quantities of very fine ‘micro-negoce’ wines from top Burgundy appellations. These are impressive wines, worthy of a place in your cellar.

No doubt you have heard just how impressive the 2015s are in barrel. We were very impressed on our visit this summer. The fruitiness and freshness, supple sap-covered tannins are impressive across the board.


Riesling crème de la crème - the auction wines

Imagine going to Burgundy, tasting from every barrel of your favourite top grower’s grand cru, and saying “okay, that one. It’s the best barrel of the lot. Bottle that one for me.” Let’s say in fact that it is just a half barrel, selected away for separate bottling – Roumier’s best little piece of Bonnes-Mares, made from a small patch of old vines that every year seem to yield something particularly special.


Would that appeal? How much more do you think that would cost you?


An exceptional and large parcel of wines from Domaine de la Romanée-Conti


It is not often that we have the opportunity to offer a single-owner parcel like this one of wines from the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. All have been stored in ideal conditions at Crown Wine Cellars, and inspected by us prior to this offer. There is something here for everybody, including whole pristine original wooden cases, loose bottles, large formats, mature drinking vintages, and a good selection of Montrachet too.

2003 Chateau Haut Brion Ex-Chateau


We have continued to work hard to source top flight Bordeaux that ticks four important boxes, and here is the result – 2003 Château Haut-Brion, offered ex-château in original wooden cases. The four boxes? 

✓ Quality is unimpeachable (a first growth in a big vintage)
✓ Provenance and condition is blue-chip perfect (ex-château stock)
✓ Quality to price makes great sense (HK$3,500 a bottle is low-end price, for well-regarded first growth)
✓ The wine is ready to drink (The wine is ripe, rich, with soft tannins and good bottle evolution. It is perfect to drink now and over the next 10-15 years).


So, there we go. We did it. Don’t thank us, just dip in and buy some. It makes sense to.

Fantastic Mature Ex-Château 2nd Growth Bordeaux Offer


We are delighted to offer a small parcel of Château Ducru-Beaucaillou. One of the best of the 2nd Growths – a so-called “Super Second” - here is your chance to acquire to flight red Bordeaux, fully mature and ready to drink, with the assurance of the best provenance. These 12-bottle original wooden cases are coming direct from Château Ducru-Beaucaillou’s cellars. 


The St.-Julien appellation is known for its elegance, its finesse, its under-statement. Within the appellation however Château Ducru-Beaucaillou is known for its little bit extra flamboyance, stylishness, fleshiness. This is in part down to its superior exposition, as well as the wonderful large pebbles sitting in the vineyard (“ beau caillou”), that help with drainage and that reflect the day’s warmth back up into the vines.

The additional factor here is the two vintages selected. Both have now fully blossomed. Both offer a supple texture, fine fruitiness – the ’85 a little more purity, classicism and zing, the ’82 more concentration, sweetness and reserve power. Both will continue to hold (the ’82 a little longer), but both are in their absolute apogee. All the waiting has been done for you, so buy some of these and dip in!

1994/1995 La Mission Haut Brion Ex-Château Offer


When we think of the ‘Super Seconds’ - those second growths that nudge the quality of the first growths we usually have our minds centred in the Médoc. But undoubtedly if there was a contender to knock on the door of the firsts, it is Château La Mission Haut-Brion in Pesseac-Léognan. The château sits across the road from Château Haut-Brion, and vineyard plots for both châteaux are both sides of that road. This is a château that unifies the critics in high praise – no cross-Atlantic antagonism here. Am I right in saying this estate has the highest aggregate Parker points, and the most “100-pointers” of all châteaux?

Since 1983 the wines here have come under the same control as Haut-Brion, so it has become easier to see the difference in style without having to calibrate for differences in the vignerons’ priorities. If Haut-Brion is refinement and elegance, La Mission is power and intensity..

2007 Chateau Latour Ex-Chateau Offer


Here's a great opportunity to secure a limited parcel of 2007 Chateau Latour (WA 92), ex-chateau, pristine in original wooden cases and proof-tags guaranteeing provenance and authenticity. At a mere 9 years since harvest, this fine first growth Pauillac has decades of life and enjoyment ahead of it. But 2007 was also the kind of vintage to deliver fruit, fragrance and balance within an accessible package. Indeed it has been selected by the chateau now for release for this very reason - it's early on-fruit drinkability. First growth quality, ex-chateau provenance, pristine condition and packaging, drinkability now and collaring potential for tomorrow, all at a very competitive price at this level.It's a smart buy.


Available in OWC6 @ HKD 3,450 per bottle

Grant Burge Meshach Shiraz


You immediately know where you are with this as it sloshes into the decanter - dark, glass staining and with a crimson rim; a reassuringly rich fruity nose - ripe crushed boysenberries, vanilla and almond; the palate is thick, but mercifully the extraction is relaxed, this feels lush, fruity, concentrated on the vine and not through winery tricks. This is classic, well made and from the sort of fruit that feels like multiples of the price. Yes, I was fooled on that last point. I guessed top Aussie Shiraz but from there was searching for examples in the HK$3000+ range.

The inimitable Ernst Loosen - our Dr. Loosen Riesling offer (some real treasure here!)


Last night Hong Kong got to experience a true force of nature, a T10 of enthusiasm for the wines of the Mosel delivered by Germany’s top wine ambassador Ernst Loosen.

Travelling some half a million of more flown air miles a year – 9 months a year on the road – Loosen has expanded his distribution to more than 80 countries, and is known by just about any wine enthusiast you speak to around the world. With his superb value-conscious ‘negoce’ label “Dr L”, he has developed a highly successful brand.

Carl von Schubert New Release


We are delighted to present to you the latest release of wines from Carl von Schubert at the Maximin Grünhaus estate in the Mosel (Ruwer), Germany, shipped by us directly from their cellars.

This estate is right at the front rank of fine German Riesling – one of the leading estates for the last century, and the vineyards here are well known back to the Middle Ages.

Note that they make a superb Pinot Noir (in German Spätburgunder). Our last stock of this (2012 vintage) sold out quickly.

Also note that for Riesling 2015 is receiving wide critical praise with many putting it in the league of 2005 and other absolute top vintages. Definitely one to buy.

Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg


We are pleased to offer this parcel of fine Burgundy from Domaine Mugneret-Gibourg. Here in Vosne-Romanée, Dr. Georges Mugneret established the high reputation from which daughters Marie-Christine and Marie-Andree have successfully enhanced over the past three decades.


What I love at this domaine is the purity and depth. The style is classical in the best sense, sometimes statuesque in youth, but never rustic. They make my favourite Clos Vougeot (quite something when you consider how crowded this grand cru vineyard is), and my top equal favourite Ruchottes-Chambertin. In both instances these are reference quality wines no matter who you speak to.

Clos des Goisses


Dom Pérignon’s art, it is said, was to be a master blender. Modern Champagne follows this principle. It is a product overwhelmingly dominated by blends – grape varieties, and village and vineyard sources, as well as the dimension of inter-vintage blending. All this in aid of making the right finished product, envisioned by the chef de cave at the beginning of the process.


Champagne as a single vineyard and single vintage wine sits out as a tiny niche minority product, and yet some of the most iconic Champagnes of all sit in this category – think Krug Clos du Mesnil, or Bollinger’s Vieilles Vines Françaises. Alongside these two is one of my favourites – Philipponnat’s Clos des Goisses.


J-L Chave Hermitage


The wines of J-L Chave – both red and white – have always commanded serious respect amongst wine lovers. Champions of Hermitage in the Rhône Valley, Chave wines epitomise the natural generosity this granite-laden hill bestows. The whites – with the intensity of Bâtard-Montrachet or even Montrachet, depending on the year, offer a very different texture to Burgundy Chardonnay – more glycerin-driven than acidity-driven. There is no trade off in nuance. The reds are more mineral-driven, with blackberry fruit offset by the umami-balancing notes of game blood and Provençal herbs. These are wines for appetite.


“Les Clos” has for many years now been considered the lead vineyard amongst the grands crus of Chablis. Jasper Morris MW describes it as ‘the finest of them… primus inter pares, the first among its peers’. I would agree, and add that Domaine Dauvissat, is ‘first amongst peers’ alongside Raveneau in Chablis.

While Raveneau has the knack for capturing the potential for a creamy sumptuousness – often missing in nervy mineral-driven Chablis, then Dauvissat seems to me to be the greatest translator of the soil – a real terroir-iste!

After an extensive tasting across Bordeaux in April, these  wines stood out for their exceptional quality for the price. We think these offer some of the best bargains of the entire campaign, and they come highly recommended.


2015 Château Figeac, 93-94 points, available @ HK$1,080 per bottle 

2015 Château Cheval Blanc, 95-97 points, available @ HK$5,000 per bottle 

2015 Château Lafite Rothschild, 94-96 points, available @ HK$4,200 per bottle

2015 Château Ducru-Beaucaillou, 94-96 points, available @ HK$1,180 per bottle

2015 Château Mouton-Rothschild, 93-95 points,available @ HK$3,900 per bottle

2015 Château Leoville Las Cases, 95-97 points, available @ HK$1,350 per bottle

2015 Château Pichon Comtesse de Lalande, 96-98 points, available @ HK$950 per bottle
2015 Château Bélair-Monange, 94-96 points, available @ HK$1,180 per bottle

2015 Château Pichon Comtesse de Lalande, available @ HK$950 per bottle (96-98 points)

2015 Château Bélair-Monange, available @ HK$1,180 per bottle (94-96 points)

2015 Château Pichon Longueville Baron, available @ HK$950 per bottle (94-96 points)

2015 Château Canon-la-Gaffelière, available @ HK$560 per bottle (93-94 points)

2015 Château d'Issan, available @ HK$400 per bottle (93-95 points)

2015 Château Grand Puy Lacoste, available @ HK$470 per bottle (92-94 points)

2015 Château Smith Haut Lafitte Rouge, available @ HK$600 per bottle

2015 Château Rauzan-Ségla, available @ HK$525 per bottle (93-95 points)

2015 Château Montviel, available @ HK$240 per bottle (93-95 points)

2015 Château d'Aiguilhe, available @ HK$175 per bottle (93-94 points)

2015 Château Pontet Canet , available @ HK$795 per bottle (94-95 points)


"Vintage Pairs" Blind Tasting Round 10

13th December 2016


Date: 13th December 2016
Time: Tasting starts at 6:45 PM (prompt start!), finished by 8PM
Venue: The Fine Wine Experience Store
Price: HKD1,200 per seat, offered first-come, first-served, available now.